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Sauteed Calamari in Garlic and Olive Oil

  • Calamari


1 lb Blue Sea Calamari Tubes and Tentacles

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3-6 cloves of fresh, minced garlic, never from a jar

Lemon Wedges

Flat Leaf Parsley, cut finely or roughly

Freshly ground black pepper and Kosher salt, or fine sea salt, to taste


After thawing out your Blue Sea Calamari Tubes and Tentacles, give them a good rinse in cold water and dry them thoroughly. Then, dry them once more after cutting them into rings. To cut the rings, lay the tubes flat on the cutting board and cut them across between ¾ and 1 inch in width.  

Chop up the garlic. Slice the parsley.  

Add the extra virgin olive oil to a big pan and heat it medium-high. Calamari and minced garlic are added to the boiling oil and sautéed until the calamari is barely firm. This process doesn’t take too long. (Do not overcook them since the garlic gets bitter and the calamari becomes rubbery).  

 Add salt and pepper to taste and turn off the heat.  

 When serving them, garnish with lemon wedges and chopped flat-leaf parsley.  

 Prepare it, and watch its flavors transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary culinary experience. Happy cooking!